My Opinion On Being Seventeen

“How sympathetic you look…as sympathetic as only seventeen can look.” – L.M. Montgomery

I have a strong love-hate relationship with being seventeen.

Being seventeen at this point in my life has in a way burdened me more than anything. I cannot go to the doctor or get promoted because I need to be eighteen. It is so strange how much a mere few months can impact someone’s decision or have the power to change an entire situation.

This means that I often have to burden those around me often for a signature or an “adult presence”. I am not sure how much I will change in the next few months that will all of a sudden make me mature. I understand that I do not have as much genuine life experience as other people. To be honest I only really remember the last seven years of my life.

Life has a funny way of working everything out though so I am not entirely concerned, I do get rather annoyed by the situations that I find myself in. I’ll let you know if I feel a big difference in two months though. 

For now I’ll be thankful that I do not have to worry about all of the negative things associated with adulthood. Enjoying my last months of childhood.

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