Seasons Of Life

“There is a season for everything under the sun—even when we can’t see the sun.” – Jared Brock

I am about to enter a new stage of life. I feel like I am on the edge of a cliff. It is like when you are about to go cliff jumping, you know it is okay, you have seen people do it all day long, and you will make it, but your rational brain and beating heart say the complete opposite. 

I was thinking about why I get this feeling and I have come to the conclusion that simply put it is because of change. In a way change, especially big change it is like your old self is dying. Your old self is jumping off of a cliff to the ground, and your new self is hitting the ground running. A big difference to say the least.

These are different seasons of life. They’re scary, and that is okay. The only time you encounter an issue is when you hit the ground, you try to run, and you freeze in the face of fear. It is not uncommon, in fact, it is quite normal.

These are the moments where you want to strive to be not normal though. We are taught for most of our lives to be normal, to fit in, etc. but it is your chance to be different, be yourself, and be extraordinary and stand out.

The seasons of life do not go with the yearly season, sometimes they might last a year-long, other times your seasons change every month, and sadly you tend to have very little control over them. Specifically, when you are younger it usually feels like you have no control over them. It may be scary but it is so good for you. 

So in a way, die and die a lot while you are alive because it means that you are growing.

It is like riding a wave, you work so hard to get there but then once you are in the moment you have to relax and breathe and enjoy the little moments.

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