The Value Of A Degree

“To be a writer you have to write — and no academic degree is going to do the writing for you. ” – Michelle Richmond

The value of a degree is constantly decreasing, the worth of experience is rising. 

People go into extreme debt, they work for years, their entire childhood and more sometimes to get a piece of paper. Unless you truly need a degree to work in your profession they are often not as necessary as people think they are. 

As long as you can prove that you know how to do the work, you are passionate, and you are willing to learn and grow. All you have to do is find the right people that will take a chance on you. After they take that chance, it is up to you to prove that they made a good choice. 

People are starting to trust work even more than a piece of paper. 

You may have to work a bit harder, but I personally think it is worth it to not go into debt. 

There has been a weird curve, back in the day only a handful of people could go to college. Most people would learn through apprenticeships, their parents, etc. everything shifted once college became an easily accessible thing. 

We are now in a state of transition once again, the value of a degree that used to be the end all be all for one’s life is now simply a piece of paper. 

Experience, on the other hand, is being looked at in a new light, experience means that you can prove you know how to do it, a degree means you have learned how to do it. Do you know or do you do?

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