Shatter The Window

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

So often in life, we do not push ourselves to the furthest we can. We live in an area of our life that was meant to be a stage. But we have made it our livelihood. 

Stages are that exactly, a stage, it may be in a painful or even a crushing stage. You will get out of it though. You cannot sit in the moment and self sabotage your life. 

If you find yourself stuck you need to shatter your way out, break the window, smash down the door. Do whatever you need to do to get out and starting living your life again. 

A stage is not permanent, it is a motion, it is a process, so get going. If you are in a crushing or depressed stage you are not meant to stay there forever. You are meant to be happy, you are meant to leave that stage. 

At first, it may feel funny to be happy, and joy, no matter how genuine, may feel phony. Because once you have lived in the stage for long enough what was never meant to be your life becomes all that you know. 

Feel at peace with being uncomfortable. It means that you’re getting out of the stage and that good, hopefully, happy things are on the horizon. 

Your life is more than a stage, or a moment it is not concrete. There’s always a direction and you may feel stuck for a little bit. But all you need to do is find the window to shatter and you are out.

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