Getting Up

“The day will happen whether or not you get up” – John Ciardi

Once you jump in you are literally lapping the people on the couch

If you have the ability to look fear right in the eyes and ignore it and jump right in then you are going to get far in life. You will quite literally be lapping the people that are stuck in their ways. 

You will never know how much strength you truly have in you if you just sit on the couch your entire life. The concept of getting up may be an overwhelming one but it is something that is necessary. The strength that it takes to get up and ignore that fear is something magical. 

Keeping your chin up, seeing the mountain that you have ahead of you and choosing to run up it anyways. With each step that you take you are lapping the people on the couch over and over again. 

So keep up the good work, because no matter how big the mountain ahead of you may be, you are still going somewhere. You are not standing still and freezing up in the face of fear. 

You are going places.

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