Without A Recipe

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” – Carl Jun

There are some people that follow a recipe to a T and do not even slightly veer in a different direction. Others will look at the recipe, laugh for a second, and take it to a completely different place. 

The same is true for almost every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we follow things exactly as they are, but other times -some more often than others- we take things to a completely new area. 

Both of these are good options in my opinion. 

Then there are some for other situations that are truly on an entirely new level. They are the ones that cook and bake and live their lives without a recipe. 

They dip a spoon in and give it a taste and add what is missing, they throw in the unexpected spices and are not afraid to take risks. Because they know that if they make a mistake, no matter how terrible it may be, there is always a solution. 

The solution may be easier to find with a pot of stew than with your life but it still stands true. 

Live your life without a recipe, go where the wind blows you and if something gets screwed up find a way to fix it.

Of course, this is overly simplified but if you live life with this mindset you will get farther than you ever could in your wildest dreams

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