“Rest and be thankful.” – William Wordsworth

When was the last time that you gave yourself permission to stop, was it recently when half of the world became quarantined?

The world we live in is constantly moving, people are always on the road, sending emails or taking phone calls. It can feel like pure peace no longer exists. 

This is a shame, as humans, we require these moments of rest and of quiet to be able to fully recharge. No matter how much an extrovert you are our body needs this time. It may be hard at times but you have to become one with yourself and put your own needs before those around you.

It is like on an airplane, you have to put the mask on yourself to be able to properly help those around you.

Considering the current state of the world, with half of it being quarantined and/or sick. I feel as if we as a species have rested more in the past week than we have in such a long time. Of course, it would require a pandemic for us to actually take time to ourselves.

Once this whole situation has calmed down I challenge you to keep up with the good habits that you are implementing now. Do it even when you are not forced to, do a puzzle if you want to, learn a new language, how to knit, etc. 

Good habits make a happy mind and a happy mind means a happy life. Do it for yourself because you deserve it.

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