Moving: The Setback

“A setback is never a bad experience, just another one of life’s lessons.” –  Richard Branson

If you have not read my first post in this series I highly suggest that you do, you can find it by clicking here.

If you would rather not read the entire post, a brief overview of it is simply: I am moving to San Francisco for a marketing apprentice position. 

Now when the whole COVID-19 situation was more or less unheard of for the United States of America the task of moving still seemed a bit daunting. As a seventeen-year-old moving halfway across the country is something you typically do not do by yourself.

Then this flu-like disease come to the United States, and it got bad, and then it got worse. I am thankful to say that my job is not really being affected by this pandemic, I will be working remotely for the first three weeks at a minimum but that is the only thing that is changes. Sadly, that is not the case for everyone, if you can, try to find ways to support your local business during this hard time because so many of them live week by week and this could easily take them out.

One question that you probably have, and the question that my little sister asked me as soon as she heard about the quarantines, is if I am still moving out to the area as planned. As of right now, no flights have been canceled and so I am still going to head out there today, and if you are wondering my little sister was not a fan of this decision. 

Another factor that played a part in the decision is that I shipped some stuff out to the place I’ll be staying at on Monday, about an hour because they made the announcement. So, if I did stay here I will be living off of about one-sixteenth of my belongings and I am not sure if I can do that for an extended period of time.

One other minor setback has been the situation of how and who will be traveling. Originally my mom was planning on coming with me today and leaving on Monday. Since she is a nurse and it the offices are definitely an essential thing to be open during this time she has not gotten time off. Her boss told her a few days ago that if she goes with me she will have to be quarantined for two weeks when she gets back. 

So, I will now be heading off by myself.

I am really grateful for this situation though, I am the kind of person that really needs a plan to have a detailed plan and stick to it but it has forced me to get out of that. This will be something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I sometimes think about how kids in 4025 are going to be reading a history book and when the hit the year 2020 they are going to be so confused with why everything fell apart at an alarming rate.

For us, we are living through it. It may be rough, frightening and confusing at moments but do not let it stop you from enjoying your life. Not breaking laws or quarantines but just living and being happy. 

Click here if you want to check out the moving announcement!

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