A Full 180

“The present changes the past. Looking back you do not find what you left behind.” – Kiran Desai

Imagine you think you are living your life as usual and then you wake up and everything is different. No one can leave their house, no physical contact is allowed, and there is no toilet paper anywhere.

You think it is a dream, you try pinching yourself, thinking that it’ll wake you up but nothing is working. Fear starts to set in, the other day you were relaxing at your favorite cafe with a crew of your closest friends. 

A full 180, and you are struggling to cope. Now is when you fully realize that it was not a dream and in fact is the day to day life that we are living. 

With so much change, it can feel like facts completely change overnight. No one knows exactly what to do and it seems like we are always doing the wrong thing no matter how hard we try. This is the difficult reality that we are living in today. 

There is no way to escape it though, reality is persistent it will find a way to make its presence known.

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