The Tool Belt

“To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.” – Abraham Maslow

One thing that I have found really useful is thinking about all of my different skills as a tool belt. It may sound a bit strange at first but hear me out!

Picture this, you love writing you are working and all of a sudden you need a blog post tomorrow. With close to no time to research, prep, write, or edit.

You are in a panic. 

Then you reach into your tool belt and you pull out your small quick blog post skill. You often spend a long time writing your posts and you take pride in delivering high-quality work. Now is not the time to agonize around that though. 

You are thankful that at one point in your life you learned how to write a post fast, you understand that it may not be the highest quality of work but it will get shipped. 

This will obviously be different for each person based on their skills, job, and just day to day life experiences. Make sure that you keep it close to you though, you do not want to have the tool but have to drive all the way back to your house to get it. 

Your tools are a part of you, they are extremely beneficial and useful. Do not take them for granted or forget about them. Have peace in knowing that they are close and you can use them at any point they are needed.

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