Be A Sponge

“Be a sponge. Spend as much time as possible with people who truly know their craft and be a great listener. That is how you learn.” – Jerry Colangelo

At first, this may sound a bit strange but let me explain.

At my old job, I used to get compared to a sponge. This was probably the only good way one could be compared to a sponge.

I would try my hardest to be told something once and never have to be told it again. I’d observe people’s habits and copy them to the best of ability so they wouldn’t have to tell me them.

Originally I started this when I was dancing. I’d always try my hardest to get the combinations on the first go, be in the first group, get all of the details so time wouldn’t be wasted on questions, etc. 

I would soak everything up, like a sponge.

You want to be a sponge, you want to be that person people can count on. The one that can go from task to task and pick up things fast, remembering all of the details and not forgetting how to do it the next week. 

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