The Game Plan

“Before you can get what you want, you have to know what you, and make a game plan to get it.” – Jeffery Gitomer

No one goes into a big game without a plan. So why do we go into our life without a plan when our life often has a lot higher stakes?

I don’t know about you, but I have a game plan. It isn’t a long one, but just a day to day this is what the plan is kind of thing. It has helped me tremendously. 

Knowing that the day ahead of you isn’t up to fate and that you know what you are going to do. 

Another way I use the “game plan” mentality is when I am entering an anxiety-inducing situation. If I am with someone I tend to ask them what the game plan is and we come up with code words or just little things that have the potential to bring one some comfort. 

It is the smallest details that matter. Being able to take comfort in knowing that if by some odd chance the worst case scenario happens, you have a plan. There is nothing but good that can come from it.

So, the next time you find yourself entering into a stressful situation, ask yourself or those around you “what’s the game plan?”. Figure out what it is, and follow it. 

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