A Brave Space VS Safe Space

“I’m safe inside this container called me.” – Haruki Murakami

I was recently introduced to the difference between a brave space and a safe space. It was too good not to share.

A brave space is one where you may feel pressured to have a certain emotion. It may not be said but it can be felt in the room. A slight tension may be present and you don’t know why but you’re a bit uncomfortable. 

A safe space is one where you can do nothing or you can do everything. You can cry, you can just sit, you can talk about sports, you can pray or whatever it is you want. It is one where you are in control and fear is nowhere in sight. 

I am sure we have all wanted a safe space but in reality, we were given a brave space. A brave isn’t a bad thing, but when you want a safe space it doesn’t and will not cut it. 

A safe space may be a therapist’s office or a counselor. Sometimes it is just a corner of your room, or in the shower. Wherever it is, just double-check yourself and make sure you have one. Make sure that through and through it is a safe, comfortable, inviting space. 

You may find that your therapist isn’t the right fit for you. They might have turned more into a brave space than a safe space. You may find that your little corner isn’t cutting it and you want to go see a therapist or have a room for yourself. 

Having a safe space and carving out the time daily to spend in there is crucial. It is necessary to keep a sound mind, heart, and honestly everything.

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