Fun Facts You Didn’t Know Until Now

“Facts don’t care about feelings.” – Ben Shapiro

I personally am a big fan of fun facts. This world is such a crazy place and sometimes a random fun fact will just make you sit and think for a bit.

Here are some of my favorite fun facts:

  • Hand sanitizer doesn’t start killing bacteria until it dries
  • A water snake can actually live inside if you
  • Bees sting each other
  • Penguins could fly if they were not so overweight
  • You burn eight calories per hour chewing gum
  • The word crisp starts at the back of the mouth and ends at the front
  • Danish rosewood is not actually rosewood but it looks similar to it
  • North Korea and Cuba are the only places in the world that you cannot buy Coca-Cola 

Life is such a funny thing and these facts really just add to it. I think it is necessary to find the little offhand moments of joy in life whether it be from a random blog post full of fun facts or a funny conversation with a friend, or really anything. 

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