“A man who can’t bear to share his habits is a man who needs to quit them.”
– Stephen King

On the accountability call that I mentioned a few blog posts ago I mentioned habits. 

During the calls we often discuss the different habits that we want to build and how to correspond our goals with said habits. It is almost a weekly subject, that pops up in one of our tangents. 

For example last week we were discussing journaling. One person in the call was debating between setting her goal as journaling a minimum of five times in the week or every day. 

My thought process is if you want to build a habit it is better to do it every day.  Even if you are just writing a sentence or doing a single pushup you are still doing it and you can build on that. It is easier to do something every day and to slowly add more to it and then it is to do a lot but only a few days a week.

If you can build the discipline to do something every single day no matter how busy the day is, you are golden. When you have a handful of habits in your everyday life that are good for you sprinkled throughout your day is like finding a twenty-dollar bill in your pants pocket. 

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