Stop Trying To Change The World

“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.” – Roy T. Bennett

Instead of exhausting yourself trying to change the world.  First, take the more important step you should take is changing yourself for the better. 

You will inspire far more people through improving yourself than you ever will trying to fix the world. 

We only have the power to fix ourselves, yet to spend so much of our time and energy trying to fix others. We fail to recognize that they too can only fix themselves. 

Lead by example, inspire the masses. I am not saying to flaunt or to brag. If you transform the world will notice, they are paying attention. 

Forget the world for now and focus on yourself. 

The ripple effect will occur, and it will make a bigger impact than you could ever know. The people you inspire will inspire others and it will become more contagious than any virus.  

You worry about yourself, I will worry about myself and through both of us growing and reaching for the stars the world will change. 

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