Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians Series

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” – Lemony Snicket

These three books were a journey and a half, but I’m not mad at it at all.

Book One

I read the first book (Crazy Rich Asians) back when I lived in Kansas. It took me a while to fully understand and get into the way that Kevin Kwan writes. With the different perspectives and places all happening simultaneously as well as having all sorts of languages/slang thrown in.

But once I was in I was hooked. 

Book Two & Three

Then I got the next two books as a birthday present, thanks mom. I read the second (China Rich Girlfriend) and third (Rich People Problems) books at an alarming rate.

I’m the kind of person where it may take me a while to get into a story. With reading the second and third ones right after each other. There was no time for me to forget or move onto a different story/writing style.

I brought these books, specifically the last two, with me everywhere. With coronavirus being a thing that means from my room to the living room to the park and back to my room. I did not want to put them down. 

The stories in all of these books are so fascinating, mostly because there is always a bit of truth behind them. There are people that truly live lives like the ones in the books which sometimes makes you stop and think for a second. 

When I was coming to the end of the third book I remember being scared. There so few pages left and so many questions still floating around in my head.


In the end, everything gets wrapped up quite nicely. There are some twists and turns and overall they are all an extremely enjoyable read.

I would highly recommend it if you are looking for some light-hearted fun. But it might end up taking up your entire day. 

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