Every Step Is Meaningful

“Where there is a stepping stone, there is a milestone” – P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

I used to think a step had to be huge to be meaningful, but I have now realized that it is actually often the smallest of improvements that matter the most.

The big steps tend to have the most preparation, people backing you up, and possible outcomes. Essentially wherever you end after you land from your leap you’ll have all your bases covered.

But when it comes to the smallest of steps, those around you might even notice them.

You might be dealing with chronic pain and you’re pain is subtlety better, but no one can see the difference and you never showed the pain to begin with.

You might be dealing with severe depression and you got up this morning on your third alarm instead of your fifth,

You might be struggling with your weight and you decided to go for the healthier option instead of what you’d usually get.

These are not glaringly obvious steps, but they are just as meaningful as the big steps you take later on. 

No matter how few people notice your small steps, it is still extremely important to celebrate, and be proud of yourself, because although they may seem small they are important. 

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