“Choreography is simple than you think. Just go and do, and don’t think so much about it. Just make something interesting.” – George Balanchine

In a recent accountability call that I was in, I said I wanted to set some ambitious goals for the next week and put my goals into my friends’ hands. 

Some things I got:

  • Go to every grocery store and get all of the different pop tarts
  • Get not one but two dogs
  • Choreograph a dance

Given the fact that I am allergic to pop tarts and about to be on a plane, the first two options were not even remotely considered. 

Which left me with choreographing a dance, I didn’t think this would be too difficult but challenging for sure especially since I haven’t dance in a hot minute. 

So Saturday morning I headed out to the basketball court and tried to come up with something. It was during this time that I realized that I have never choreographed something by myself before. 

Instantly the challenge level went up exponentially. 

In the end, I created something that could potentially resemble a dance. It is something that I want to try again and start building up/using that muscle again. 

If there is something that you’ve either wanted to try for a long time or that you used to do that you want to get back into, just go for it. You never know what you could learn. 

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