Social Media On Your Phone

“One day you will look back and recall all the time you spent on social media and wonder why you didn’t invest that time someplace else.” – Germany Kent

For the longest time, my phone was full of social media apps Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, you name it and I had it.

Now I have nothing, occasionally I’ll redownload it to post something, but that is about a once a month situation.

If I want to check it I’ll log in on my laptop and spend at most 10 minutes scrolling.

Since doing this I have noticed how much I would hide in my phone, I would mindlessly scroll instead of reading a book or writing.

I would be sitting at the dining table and see everyone else on their phones, instead of joining them I just sit in the moment.

It amplifies the awkward and peaceful silences. It helps you realize how much of your day is consumed by a little rectangle in your hand.

Take a week and delete all social media, sit in the awkward silence don’t try to fill it, find your hobbies or projects that you thought you didn’t have time for. 

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