Moving: Heading Home

“Life is like a bicycle. To keep you balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

Today is the day, I am heading back to the humidity and heat of Kansas summers. 

Although my time in California was short and quite mundane I feel like I grew tremendously here.

I took some major steps to improve…

  • My mental health by deciding to go on anxiety/depression medication.
  • My financial health by starting a Roth IRA and saving account.
  • My intellectual health by reading whenever possible.
  • My physical health by eating and facing unhealthy mindsets. 

I’ve discovered my own thoughts and opinions and have learned the value and courage it takes to stick up for them.

Even if all of that had not happened the amount I have learned about digital marketing, despite never actually going into the office is insane.

My time here has been weird, there is no doubt about that with the lockdown, corona, and everything that no one expected to happen happening. It made it quite the adventure, one that now that it’s over I am happy I went on but definitely looking forward to some stability.  

I was talking with my mom and I was saying how I’m not sure if I can even say that I lived in California but then I remembered that I have lived in this place longer than I have lived in some of the other places I’ve lived. So, I’m going to say it counts. 

House number 12, you’ve been good to me, but it is time for a change. 

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