A Proud Sister Moment

“Do me proud. Do me prouder.” – Nicole Snow

A few days ago my little sister did something that I was so proud of her for doing. This will be that story.

A Backstory

For a lot of my life, I did not know how to speak my mind. I had so many thoughts floating around but I never let them escape. This had its ups and downs, but once I finally let myself start speaking my mind I realized how foolish it was to keep everything bottled up.

I see the same tendencies in my little sister a lot as well. Before I came back to Kansas I made a list of things I wanted to do with my time here that had nothing to do with my career.

The biggest one that I wanted to work on was helping my little sister understand that it is okay to speak your mind, it is okay to not agree with someone, it is okay to be heard and seen in a room. All things I was terrified of for the majority of my life.

The Story

The little girl was at my dad’s and really missing my mom. She knew she wanted to see my mom but she was worried about what would happen if she actually spoke her mind.

I was on the phone with her encouraging her to just do it. No one can read your mind so you have to go for it.

Finally, she said “Okay I’m going to ask.” ten minutes later she was giving my mom a hug and I was so proud of her. 

The Lessons

I truly believe that as an older sibling, an alum, a parent, an advisor whatever you are. You have the responsibility to give advice to those below you.

In this example, I am literally older than her but it does not always need to be that way. Experience is experience, knowledge is knowledge. Do not just keep it to yourself. 

Helping others improve their quality of life. Encouraging habits that you know are beneficial. Giving others the courage to not make the mistakes that you made. 

It is a powerful thing, and you can start now.

So start.

Start giving, and receiving. 

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