Old Pictures

If nobody asked questions, then we would never learn anything.” – Brandon Sanderson

While our antiquing with some family members, I stumbled upon a bunch of old photos. there’s something so fascinating about old pictures. there’s a story within all of them that we’ll never know

There is a bit of beauty in letting your imagination run with a picture. You can come up with whatever story you want, but sadly it’s almost impossible for you to know the truth. 

At the same time, the freedom that you get is exciting. They could’ve been a war veteran, they could’ve been a rebel, they could’ve had a secrete affair. 

After I let my imagination run for a bit I realized that we do the same thing with people we see in our everyday life. The people in the pictures are not the exception, they’re the rule.

We are constantly making assumptions about people’s lives, sometimes without ever speaking to them.

The one difference between the old pictures and everyday life is you cannot talk to the old pictures and get answers. While with people you are seeing right now, you can.

So go for it, ask the questions, and get the answers.

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