Are You Ready For A New Life

“If you want to be happier, it’s as simple as changing what you’re doing.” – Case Kenny

You are never too old to do something new and you are never too young to do something bold.

Throw out the five-year plan and just start doing. You can figure out what is next along the way because what’s next will change while you are on the way.

You have to do something new. Habits, routines, all the above are fantastic but if you stay in that box you can only grow so much. 

You do not have to think through everything second by second because resources are at our fingertips. You don’t have to call a help desk like the one in Desk Set to get information about Santa’s reindeer. There is so much information out there that you can jump, leap even and land on two feet while freaking out and doing research in the air.

If you want to change, grow, or just something new you have to shake off the cobwebs or sitting in the same place for too long and jump. 

You can do something about it, so do it. You might not win when you jump, but you will learn something, you’ll gain knowledge, you’ll have a valuable experience. 

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