Hook, Link, And Sinker

“A joke is an epigram on the death of a feeling.” –  Friedrich Nietzsche

Earlier this year I heard one of the best jokes I have ever heard in my entire life. The buildup was intense even though I did not even know it was happening and I am about to tell you how that is possible and what the joke was. 

Some Background

For those of you that do not know, I am one of five kids, I am the second oldest. We are a rowdy bunch, I feel quite bad for our neighbors,

My two younger brothers are constantly trying to one-up each other, which can lead to some pretty interesting situations. One area where the one-upping can get intense is in their jokes.

The Joke

For a few months my youngest brother, Dan, had been making these very self-deprecating jokes about him being fat or overweight. We would all kind of laugh and then remind him that he’s fine. This was going on for a while, almost to the point where it was annoying. 

One day we’re all sitting on the couch just talking and having a good time. 

Out of nowhere, Dan makes another one of his jokes about him being fat, the same sort of thing happens. 

But then, he pulls out his phone, and we’re all thinking about what is going on here. This boy, says something along the lines of “I am so fat I cannot even remember my name. Siri what is my name?” Siri then proceeds to say “Your name is Daniel but you have asked me to call you obese.” 

Laughter could probably have been heard from across the town. 


This child had been planning this joke for months, the commitment, the precision. I do not know why he decided to wrap up the joke there but he did. 

I understand that not everyone will read this and think that the joke was funny. I understand that this is a very ‘you had to be there’ moment. It is a moment that I sometimes forget but when I remember it I start crying on laughter all over again. 

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