Social Dilemma

“Social media is a drug” – The Social Dilemma 

Unless you have been hiding under a rock and somehow have not seen or heard of the social dilemma let me give you a quick overview it focuses on how big social media companies manipulate users by using algorithms that encourage addiction to their platforms. It also shows, fairly accurately, how platforms harvest personal data to target users with ads – and have so far gone largely unregulated. It also shows quite realistically how it impacts family life and the reciprocations it can have. 

As someone in marketing, I was very much so aware of this situation already. How else do you think targeted ads or relevant search results would exist? 

But as a documentary lover, I watched it anyway and was amazed at how well it well done. A sidenote, Sophia Hammons who played Isla is going places mark my words. The way they let the documentary unfold was so compelling and action provoking. I do not know how many people deleted their social media after watching this as long as they got one person they did their job well. 

It has sparked a revolution in a sense, with Facebook creating a statement and other platforms almost begging users to stay on their platform. If you have not watched the social dilemma yet I cannot suggest it enough.

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