Stumble In The Right Direction

‚ÄúLife goes on.” – Andy Nguyen

One thing that I have realized is that more often than now I have no clue what I am doing. Is it a scary thought? 100% yes it is. But the second I start getting overwhelmed by my lack of knowledge I soon realize that I may be stumbling forward hoping that I am going in the right direction but so is the majority of the world.

One of the rarest things to ever happen is making a plan and having life go exactly as planned, it just does not happen. 

No matter what direction it is that you are going, as long as you are semi-confident that it is the right direction and you keep moving forward I say go for it.

Sooner or later with each step, you will get more confident, the trick is not being naturally gifted at something but putting in the hours and not letting doubt stop you from pressing on.

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