Failure Does Not Exist

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

As someone who was terrified of failure for the majority of my life, I am pretty sure I would have thought it insane that I am writing this right now. But people grow and change and I could not happier with this growth.

For the longest time, I was in the mindset of failure is the devil, you have to succeed and be perfect at everything if you are not you are a failure. Clearly not the best mindset to be in, and one that is quite destructive.

Personally, I believe that this mindset spurred from the school system and the reciprocations of getting an F on something. The school system is an entirely different subject for another day though so for now let’s continue.

The other day I had the realization that failure does not exist. It is just experience.

So, if failure does not exist then what is stopping me? Definitely is not my fear of failure, because failure does not exist.

Am I worried about experience? No, why would I be worried about experience? Experience is something people pay for so why would I turn it down.

Since failure does not exist, what are you going to do to gain more experience?

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