Honesty In Card Games

“God deals us all different hands. How we play ’em is up to us.” – Jeannette Walls

I do not know about you but my family is big into card/board games. At this point, I sometimes think that there isn’t another game out there that my family has not attempted to play.

A few of our favorites include Family Business, Settlers of Catan, spicy Uno, and Bluff. What these three have in common is that my family has slightly different rules.

We play with no honesty, lie as much as you want. Give the wrong card, hide your cards. say you have a different number of cards than you do. Do whatever it takes to win.

This makes the games immeasurably more entertaining, tears have been shed, fights have occurred but entertainment like no other.

The only issue is when I go over to another person’s house and they play honestly. I respect it but man is it boring.

Do you play honestly, or do you play the fun way? 

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