My Little English Rose

“They call me, The Sharkalator” – James Patterson

I am about to let you in on one of the weirdest nicknames my 14-year-old brother and I for each other.

A few weeks ago my family was sitting in the living room watching The Great British Bake Off and this season there is an older lady named Linda. For one of the show stoppers, she made a cake and called it a little English rose because there was a little rose on the top.

After that, he looked at my mom and asked why she had never called him her little English rose. She did not know how to react to that but I said “You are my little English rose.” since then I do not think we have called each other anything besides ‘my little English rose’.

It has turned into sounding more like my LidDLe engDlaish Rose, which makes people quite confused because it does sound quite strange.

Anyway, that is how my littlest brother and I got our rather out there nickname for each other.

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