What Do You Allow?

“Unless you refuse the bad things happening to you, you will continue to suffer with your own consent!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

Take a second and think about what you allow into your life that should not be there. Whether it be toxic relationships, unhealthy habits, or whatever it is for you. 

Now take a second and think about what your life would be like without these things. The freeing feeling in your heart, the new pep in your step.

To get these things away you need to get them out of your life. Stop allowing them to pester into your life, mind, and heart when they do not belong there. 

You are in control. And what you allow is what will continue.

So, if you allow these degrading things to pile up into your life, you are the one to blame. Get your hands dirty and start fighting them off. It may sound daunting but in reality, it is a mental game, and to win it all you have to do is start.

Right now, take a second fight off one thing that you have allowed.

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