Loneliness And Low Standards

“All great and precious things are lonely.” – John Steinbeck

Something that I have noticed is that in the midst of the loneliness epidemic that we are in it can be easy to lower our standards. I am sure that when you think of lowering your standards you are thinking about it in a romantic relationship but the same can go for platonic relationships and even for your relationship with yourself.

The world is so lonely and as humans, we require a pack. The issue arrives when we lower our standards to create a pack.

Some might see keeping high standards as being selfish but in reality, it is your protection. Standards and boundaries are what protect you against the true evils of the world. If you lower your standards you lower your guard. 

Loneliness is difficult, it typically means a lot of silence, and time to sit on your thought which can often lead to crying. 

In the middle of a loneliness epidemic and a pandemic, the cards we have been dealt are not looking too hot. But remember you grow through what you go through, the season of life is here for a reason and you are capable of getting through it without lowering your standards. 

Your tribe is coming, your people are out there, do not fold to try and speed up the process.

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