Let’s Not Meet

“So, creepy compute dude. Let’s not meet.” – Andrew Tate

This is a podcast that I have recently become obsessed with.

I heard about it from My Favorite Murder, which is also a podcast and decided to give it a try. Well a week and two seasons later and here I am.

This definitely reminds me of the show I Survived, but less bloody and gives you more chills. There are some moments on this that I genuinely cannot believe someone got out alive. The amount of creeps that are in this world that are exposed on this show. It is all just so good.

Since there is not really any gore and it all really straightforward from the person’s perspective who lived it instead of an outsiders perspective it give you such an insightful look into the world. It also is full of random little tips and tricks to make sure you do not meet any of these and that you do survive.

In a sense it is a true crime podcast but I am not sure if I would categorize it underneath that statement. There are typically no gigantic crimes that are committed, just creeps being creeps.

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