Subjective Guess Who

“My answers are typically ‘guesses’ cleverly disguised as answers.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

We all know the classic Guess Who game, we also all know that it is filled with mostly white men.

Due to a positive COVID test in my household I am now in quarantine, and have already gotten quite desperate with finding modes of entertainment. This lead us to subjective guess who.

What does this consist of? Let me tell you.

You cannot have any of your basic questions. Instead you ask yes or no questions but subjective. Such as:

  • Does this person look like they had a rough childhood?
  • Is this a person you would avoid at a family gathering?
  • Does this person need help changing the brightness on their phone?

And whatever else you can come up with. If you want to add to the entertainment factor you play it after taking melatonin and zoloft.

Or if you want to get real creative, you can create your own cards for the game, based on either people in your life or people from shows/movies since you know more about their backstory than the old white men in the game.

Finding new ways of playing classic games is honestly quite entertaining (shoutout to spicy uno) and I would highly recommend it.

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