The Bachelor Nation

“Guard and protect your heart” – Kasey

Netflix recently has been pushing the single season of the Bachelorette that is on there to my family. A bit ago we caved and started watching it.

We then finished the season within a few days.

We started a new season on a different streaming service.

We then watched the newest season of the Bachelor.

When Chris (the host) walks out and says welcome back Bachelor nation I do not think I have ever felt so called out before. I used to make fun of people that watched these shows. I will admit that a lot of it has been passive watching, but I was more or less invested though.

I think the main thing that I like about it is the confidence that the people on these shows usually possess, as well as the ridiculousness of it all. When my personal world is a bubble of pure chaos it can be nice to see someone else experiencing a similar thing.

So, yeah watching the bachelor franchise is how I spent my break. Hope you had a more productive time than I did.

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