Rest Is Productive

“Rest and be thankful.” – William Wordsworth

I often find it difficult to rest, as an enneagram three I feel like I am achieving nothing through resting and achieving things is what drives my life.

But through this pandemic I have realized that rest can be one of the most productive things you can do.

It is a truly revolutionary way of thinking for me.

The thought of prioritizing rest over work, productivity, and life in general can seem impossible. It is necessary though, burn out is so present and rest is put on the back burner too often.

Rest is so important yet our entire culture is quick to demonize it. It is better to rest now than be forced to rest later due to a disease, infection, or something else caused by your lack of rest currently.

No matter what your profession is, what your life is like, or how much coffee you drink rest is an essential part of being a human. So remember, rest is productive too.

One thought on “Rest Is Productive

  1. It can be hard to think that way when you’re so used to trying to make the most out of your time, but yea, rest is part of that productive time as well. We just need a perspective shift to see it as so. Thanks for sharing!

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