Songs Named After Places

“Music replays the past memories, awaken our forgotten worlds and make our minds travel.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

I have a whole playlist on Spotify that is called places and it is full of songs that are named after places and I am convinced that there is not a bad song out there that is named after a place.

The trend of me listening to songs that were named after places started years ago when I said I wanted to go to Maine and found a song called Maine that I loved. Even since then I have been obsessed.

Whenever I travel somewhere I like to find a song that is named after the place. Although they might not all be my favorite or my style, I have never found one that was bad, but I also am not hard to please when it comes to music.

There is something that is almost magical about them, because most of the time you can sense that the singer has a deep connection to the place that they are singing about. And if you also have a deep connection to that place it makes it extra special.

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