Creativity vs Competition

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

Whenever you find yourself in a creative space weather it be dance, art, music, etc. it can be so easy to make it into a competition. When in reality the competition factor of it ruins the creativity aspect.

Yes, there are times where creativity can go hand in hand with competition and end quite well, but most of the time it is unnecessary.

You can look up how to get more creative on any platform and see a million different results, most of them telling you to simply stop overthinking. That is one aspect of it yes, but overthinking often spurs from a place of competition.

Getting to a place where you can realizing when you are getting into competition mode when it is not needed and getting out of it before it destroys you is phenomenal. Of course, sometimes it is good to be in that mindset, but it is rare that it is needed all the time. If it is “needed” all the time it will do more harm than good, and that is a fact.

Step away from competition, and step into creativity.

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