“Nothing is more self-limiting than going to extremes.” – Marty Rubin

As humans we tend to be very extreme, we say know exactly how people are feeling or we perfectly agree with others. But in reality it is close to impossible to know exactly how others are feeling and if you dig hard enough you will find something that you disagree on.

It is a fact that humans are flawed and this is one of the many flaws that humans have that make us human. It is a flaw that too few people are aware of and too many people lean into.

When you realize that it is in our nature to love the extreme you also realize the beauty in the small nuances that are not extreme. You find peace in the small things instead of waiting to find it on a vacation in paradise. You find happiness in the tiny moments instead of waiting for a big event.

This is one of our many flaws but it is one of the most overlooked ones. Self awareness can be your biggest blessing, do everything you can to keep it by your side.

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