The Magic Of A Weighted Blanket

“Security is a thumb and a blanket. Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles M. Schulz

For Christmas I got a weighted blanket and I honestly do not know what I was doing with my life before it.

As someone that deals with anxiety on a day to day basis, I have always tried to find different ways of helping combat it. Yet, for some reason a weighted blanket was never something that crossed my mind. Until the fateful day where my little brother and I were on the couch, freezing as always so he went and grabbed his weighted blanket. That moment changed my life.

For the longest time I had thought of getting a weighted blanket but I felt like it was such a high price to pay for a blanket. I now wish I would have bought one years ago when I was first thinking about them.

I cannot begin to explain how comforting it is to just lay underneath the blanket and breathe. It is a level of peace that I do not know my body or brain was capable of attaining.

If you know someone or if you yourself deal with anxiety I cannot suggest getting them or yourself a weighted blanket enough. I cannot stress the importance of having something comforting in your life when it can feel like it is falling to pieces. I cannot believe that before I got mine I was worried that it would not be worth it.

If you have been thinking about getting one for a bit, this is your sign. GO FOR IT!

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