How Many Waves & Honks?

“Hello crazy world!” – Steven Magee

The past week the weather has been pretty great, so great that my family was able to go on a walk with our dog.

Whenever we go on a walk my little sister likes to wave and say hi to all of the cars driving by. She counts the waves, honks, or whatever other form of recognition she gets. It is quite the adventure and she gets rather into it.

My family jokes that she is a cheerleader in the making, which is probably accurate. The girl yells hi every two seconds for the entire thirty-minute walk. She says she is doing it to try and make every else’s day better but we all know she is doing it mainly for the recognition she receives from it.

It is super cute to see people’s faces light up when a little girl with a lot of energy is walking a fool of a dog and saying hi to people. There is something rather pure in it that you cannot get from much in the world anymore.

Be bold and start waving, make someone’s day, you never know who needs it.

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