Music Mondays: Gotta Have You

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” – Victor Hugo

With a blend of styles from Americana, to Indie/Folk, to Soul music, Conner Cherland’s voice reminds me of Hozier or Ed Sheeran.

It is the kind of song that just makes you smile, even if you haven’t been in a relationship there is a vibe that is immaculate.

Connor describes himself as a medium sized man with large dreams and I believe that to do be so true.

The inspiration for the story is about his marriage. He ate the same burrito for two and a half years before he was married. Although this saved him a ton of money, it’s a boring way to live your life. His wife literally and metaphorically added a lot of flavor into his more rigid lifestyle.

This is true even in relationships that aren’t romantic, platonic relationships can bring the same zest into your life. You can hear the gratefulness in his voice throughout the song for his wife.

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