Left 4 Dead

“Eyes and ears, people. Eyes and ears.” – Bill

On my final night in Texas my friend and I decided to play Left 4 Dead on her Xbox. As someone that does not remember if I have ever picked up an Xbox remote before my expectations for myself were low.

If you are like me and didn’t know what Left 4 Dead was before last week it is a zombie fighting game where you are trying to escape. Pretty basic run of the mill situation, but there are some other types of zombies that you have to watch out for. These special zombies include but are not limited to a hunter, witch, and boomer. There are four characters:

  • Bill
  • Zoey
  • Louis
  • Francis

Since there were only two of us playing the two CPUs in the same were the MVPs without a doubt, if it was just us playing we would have been dead. Actually when we first played, my struggling self fell off the platform and became a sacrifice and so did the CPUs. When we played for the second time in a new arena we all survived. Between playing these two different arena we decided that we wanted to try expert mode after not all surviving easy mode.

So, as two semi impulsive teenage adults we went for it. Shockingly we made it a level and a half into the arena. Her dad who plays the game the most often was in the room watching, laughing, and giving us tips.

We learned that my ability to struggle with basic tasks such as walking through the safe house door, getting up a ladder, not falling off a bridge, and more are not just within the real world. We also discovered that I am weirdly good at throwing Molotov cocktails which made me feel connected to Jason from The Good Place. Funny enough, the friend that I was playing with was the exact opposite. To say that we balance each other out would be an understatement.

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