What Was That Like

“But what about when a call comes in, and the caller is someone you know?” – Scott Johnson

This is a podcast by Scott Johnson, he interviews people that have gone through insane things. The catch line is real people, unreal stories and it couldn’t be more accurate.

The guests tell everything from beginning to end, which is sometimes the first time the guest is doing so. Often the guests barely escape life or death situations by making a few meaningless decisions, or they find themselves in these life or death situations with these few decisions.

Scott covers everything from people that drove the Wienermobile, witnessed a murder, dodged a derailing train and more.

Whenever Scott interviews someone he has a way of asking the best questions. He also has the best voice for podcasting. What was that like both makes you lose and gain your faith in humanity. There are some gut wrenching stories but also stories that’ll make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Either way, Scott is sure to dig into it deep and ask: what was that like?

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