The Story of the Single Handed Sailor

“I celebrate this day every year.” – Dustin

Who Is Dustin?

This is a recap of Dustin’s story, I first heard about Dustin on the podcast What Was That Like, although I am struggling to find the episode so I am questioning if it was that podcast. Regardless of this story needs to be told, it is the story of the single handed sailor.

What Happened To Dustin?

After having a very active previous year, on October 18, 2008, Dustin was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. He was left for dead on the side of the road. This accident cost Dustin his left arm and leg, and a whole lot of medical expenses.

What Decision Did Justin Make?

He was told he would not survive, but he chose to live. He started to dig himself out of the financial hole and deep depression that he found himself in after having the life he knew stripped away from him. Dustin went from living comfortably to having to ask for help for everything. But he knew that he was not going to continue living his life asking for help.

Because of this, and because he chose life he decided he wanted to become the first double amputee to circumnavigate the world solo and on June 18, 2014 he started his journey. With little sailing knowledge and even littler funds he knew he had to go for it.

Justin’s Journey

One thing that he has gained throughout his journey is hope, a hope that is unmatched. Often the places he visits do not have internet, hospitals, or even antibiotics so when they see a man, let alone a man sailing, without an arm and a leg they instantly are curious. They have never seen someone survive and still thrive with such intense injuries.

Justin is continuing to live the life that he wants to live. He has a spirit for life that is unmatched. He has it despite the setbacks and the pain he endured. He’s now nearly completely self-supporting by not needing much or consuming. This is a lifestyle so many of us dream of and he is out here living it.

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