Why Is Money A Taboo Subject?

“Money is the last taboo. People will talk about their sex lives before they discuss their finances.” – Marvin H. McIntyre

In the spirit of me thinking about why being basic is bad yesterday I am now thinking about why money is considered a taboo subject.

I personally enjoy chatting about money, it is a great way to figure out if you are being paid appropriately. You can also talk about investing, retirement accounts, and more. If you don’t chat about this “taboo” subject you are just wandering around aimlessly just throwing numbers around.

Knowledge is power and when you speak about money, salaries, rates, etc. you gain power. Through this, you also gain confidence in what you deserve and what your work is worth.

Money cannot and should not be a hidden topic, this only takes more power away from you. This is a subject that is part of everyone’s lives, yet it is so often brushed under the rug and never discussed. It is time to break the stereotypes and bring money into the spotlight.

Start discussions, expand your education, speak up about your mistakes. Conversations about money should be broadcasted instead of hidden and it is up to us to get there.

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