Worrying Is A False Sense Of Control

“Wemberly worried about everything. Big things. Little things. And things in between.” – Wemberly Worried

As someone who is constantly worrying, and have been doing so for my entire life I certainly feel called out when I heard someone say the title of this blog post. Then I thought about it some more and I realized how accurate it is.

Worrying is sneaky, it tells us that if we think about everything that’ll go wrong and create a plan for it nothing can go wrong because we are prepared.

While this may seem logical in some areas it is a terrible habit to have. It gives us a false sense of control. After you are done worrying, what do you have? More worries, more anxiety, more sadness, and more pain. It also leads to less free time, less peace, and less control.

It is impossible to never worry but it isn’t impossible to stop engaging with the “what ifs?” that circulate. It is possible to stop feeding the hungry beast that is worry. It is possible to stop chatting with the worrywart in your head. It is possible to say thanks for sharing and then move on and have a wonderful day.

You deserve it, you deserve to be present and worry-free. Ground yourself in the present moment and not the pestering worries that float around bugging you.

Throw your worries and anxieties out the door, they do not serve you and you do not need that energy in your life. Worrying is a habit that needs to be broken. Thankfully it is also a habit that can be broken.

Now, take a deep breath, feel this moment right now, and live.

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