Knowledge Is The Only Thing That Increases As You Give It Away

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

So often it is said that knowledge is power, but despite the other things that give you power (i.e. money) it increases as you give it away. Sometimes money can do the same thing with investing or other avenues but most of the time money does not increase as you spend it.

Knowledge on the other hand can exponentially increase as it is shared. Which makes you and the people around you (the people you are sharing with) more powerful.

If you have the ability to give knowledge away then go for it. There is no way to lose when you give knowledge away.

Knowledge doesn’t have a one-day lifespan, depending on the knowledge is can be evergreen or at the very least it can last for a decent amount of time. Be inspired, give it away freely.

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