Smithville House

“I would walk through fire before I would break up a family, because I am not a quitter.” – Birder Priutt

As mentioned in a previous blog I’m starting a new series. One where I go into detail about the houses that I have either moved to, lived in, or visited. First as well as most recent is the Smithville house. Better known as the cottage in the town where Hope Floats the movie was filmed.

This house was extremely cute painted different shades of blue on the outside, had a garden and outdoor seating.

You walk in and just feel cozy with the old floors, quirky bathrooms, and slightly questionable kitchen. There’s a massive TV that is too big for the wall. The crew I was with maneuvered the two chairs and footrest situation into a couch for maximum comfort.

Despite the small house, we fit a substantial amount of people and a dog into the area. We did so with few issues too. This also added to the comfort factor as I am used to being around a decent amount of people.

The house smells old, but not in a bad way. Plus since it’s Smithville, a town forty minutes away from Austin, it’s humid which only adds to the old smell.

Downtown Smithville

From the house, it’s a quick walk to “downtown” Smithville. Which is full of antique shops, way more cafes than I was expecting, and an apothecary of all things. The first night we arrived we walked down the main street and like in a movie, all of the lights turn on. It was rather magical.

There was live music every Thursday which we danced at and got to chatting with the locals. The group I was with was some of the only young adults there which meant we stood out substantially. We also had a dog with us, as mentioned earlier, named Jessie who quickly became adored by everyone.

The two weeks that I spent in Smithville were honestly rather perfect. It was the town and a house that I didn’t know before I went and I didn’t know I needed it until I arrived.

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