Canyon Lake House

“People are my home, the ones I love.” – Kate Morton, The Lake House

Although I have serious doubt that this house was up to fire codes, for example not having a window in a bedroom with four people in it, it was still a blast.

This house was your standard house, in a not-so-standard town with a slightly sketchy five-minute walk to the lake. Add this and thirteen young professionals all with red jackets and you get quite the recipe, not sure what the recipe is for but it is something.

Whenever I told people that I was going to stay in a house for a week with eleven other people that have never met before, some I had never chatted with before, they all said I was crazy. Little did they know those eleven other people were Praxians which means that it was bound to work out.

This house had everything, it had dance parties while cleaning the kitchen, tarot card reading, deep conversations, a backflip, hide and seek in the dark, and more. Well, I guess it had everything besides sleep, which is rather important but unnecessary for a week of fun.

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